Advanced Authentication software

Advanced Authentication

Our Advanced Authentication is a simple, easy to use, cost-effective application designed to meet ever changing requirements mandated by the FBI. With a user-friendly UI, AA provides peace of mind that CJIS information is secure. With our cutting-edge software, your agency will meet and exceed the latest FBI requirements for accessing Criminal Justice Information. Our software is implemented at the Windows log-in, securing your entire computer.

Computer Aided Dispatch software

Computer Aided Dispatch

Our state of the art Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) Program uses the latest Microsoft platforms to give a sleek, pleasing quality to our CAD system. This coupled with our easy to use User Interface (UI) makes our CAD a cut above the rest. CAD’s Design is based off of information received from various sit-ins with dispatchers in various agencies and is designed with the dispatchers needs in mind.

Mobile CAD software

Computer Aided Dispatch - Mobile

Our Mobile CAD gives First Responders in the field real-time data based off of the information received at dispatching. Mobile CAD allows units to respond to, backup, and review and write narratives on all active calls. Mobile CAD also allows supervisors the ability to see all cleared calls ranging from 1 day to 1 week prior or longer depending on the size of the agency.

Jail Management System software

Jail Management System

With over a combined 50 years in the Jail Management software business, the developers at Beacon Software are proud to introduce the next state-of-the-art Jail Management system.  Members of our development staff, principle architects and developers for the Jail Management system have been promoted world-wide by Microsoft on multiple occasions, and now enthusiastically anticipate another widely successful product!

Online Reporting software

Online Reporting

Our On-line reporting module provides the public with the means to report crimes from their home. On-line reporting provides the user with a temporary case number and also send e-mail notification to a designated representative within the agency to determine the follow-up method for the report.

Records Management System software

Records Management System

Our Records Management is an important function of any Agency and Beacon RMS provides a variety of tools to help maintain records in an easy to use way. Beacon RMS includes various modules to archive data such as Citation Book Tracking, Case Management, Trespass warnings, Evidence, Incidents, Arrests and much more. RMS Uses the latest Microsoft technology to create a user friendly interface that provides information to the user at just a few clicks of the mouse.


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