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On-Line reporting has a variety of features that can be tailored to fit the needs of any agency, large or small. Our reporting program was developed as a tool to assist law enforcement agencies in gathering information that may otherwise not be reported or would tie up a officer’s time over a low priority incident. Using the safety and confidentiality of a citizens home or business they can file a variety of incidents online. Once an On-Line Incident Report is filed, a temporary case number is assigned and sent VIA e-mail to the reporting person.

The report is sent to an approving official in the department, where he/she will determine if sufficient information has been provided to warrant an investigation, upon which he/she will assign the case to the appropriate department.

On-Line Incident Reporting is designed to work with many agencies existing Records Management Systems. Using this method will decrease paperwork, save officer’s time and lessen the margin for error in reporting. The reporting party will also be emailed a copy of the approved report so that they can print it themselves or forward it to their insurance company. Anonymous drug tips can also be entered online and automatically forwarded to your drug task force unit. We also allow for your agency’s personalized logo and information, including disclaimers and rules for using On-Line Reporting.

Please feel free to view our On-Line Reporting Product Flyer for more information on the Beacon On-Line Reporting System.


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