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Our state of the art Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) program uses the latest Microsoft platforms to give a sleek, pleasing quality to our CAD system. This coupled with our easy to use User Interface (UI) makes our CAD a cut above the rest. CAD’s Design is based off of information received from various sit-ins with dispatchers in various agencies and is designed with the dispatchers needs in mind. CAD offers real time updating of information keeping all machines in the dispatch center up to date. Beacon CAD provides users with the ability to view multiple calls at the same time through tabbed browsing which enables dispatchers to manage multiple calls. It’s easy to use unit management enables a dispatcher or supervisor to easily assign units to calls, make units unavailable, and put units out of service with only a few clicks of the mouse; despite the difference in EMS, Fire, or Law Enforcement Units. CAD also features a variety of Alerts included which Officer in distress and emergency traffic only to keep dispatcher’s aware through a variety of situations.

Features include:

Please feel free to view our CAD product flyer for more information on our Computer Aided Dispatch system.


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